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Surpass Expectations

Don’t receive less when there is a better option.

Our slogan, “surpass expectations,” is everything this company stands for. We strive to surpass your expectations, and we also want you to surpass your own expectations!

Social Media Marketing

This is the bedrock which our company was built upon.

Once upon a time, Empire Marketing Innovations consisted of only our founder, Jasmine Demir, and a handful of clients who she did social media marketing for. Even though we have expanded our services, this type of marketing still holds a special place in our heart.

Our Promise To You.

Our company’s promise to you, our client, but also our friend.

We don’t make false promises at Empire Marketing Innovations. We can’t promise to give you the whole world, but we can promise that we will give our all in this partnership. 

Get Started With Us and See Your Business Grow


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Event Planning

Company Branding

Analytics on all

Writing Monthly Newsletters

Google Ads + Google My Business

Facebook and Instagram Ads

WordPress Website Design

and more!


You know our company values, but…

How much is it?

Pricing is always negotiable. Our company specializes in working with early start-ups, family-owned businesses, and local organizations. We aren’t looking to overcharge these amazing businesses we work with. We at Empire Marketing Innovations understand that most budgets became much more strict during and following Covid-19. Give us a call to figure out what works best for everyone! 

How do we do it?

Hard Work

Sure, we could say a lot of stuff about special techniques, cutting edge technology, etc. but the fact is that most marketing agencies have pretty similar techniques, software, and technology. Anyone offering you something “new” probably isn’t actually doing that. We are offering to put the hard word and effort that YOU need to see a difference in your marketing statistics. 

Years of Expertise

Our founder, Jasmine Demir, began working in the field of marketing in high school and then pursued this field in college and later. Some things are only learned with time and experience, and we have that.

We’ve already mentioned that social media marketing is our specialty, and that is still true! This niche is our “bread and butter” and we have not left it since beginning. Our loyalty to social media marketing shows that we understand and have experienced the trends and adaptations that occur long term in this field. 

But don’t worry! We have expanded to more than just social media marketing, such as email marketing, events marketing, branding, and website design.

Willing to Work With YOU

When we get down to the nuts and bolts, YOU have spent more time wtihin your company or business than we, as the marketer, have. We aren’t afraid to admit that you almost definitely have valuable information to share with us about your audience, your regular day-to-day dealings, your baseline sales, and more. We are ready to work with you. 

Surpass Expectations.
-Owner and CEO, Jasmine Demir
About us

Our Beginning

For our founder and owner, Jasmine Demir, accepting defeat was not an option. After working in the marketing field all throughout college and even in high school, she was ready to be taken seriously in the workforce as a marketing professional, armed with her degree. Covid-19 threw a wrench in everyone’s plans, and Jasmine was no exception. After originally planning to work in a corporation, she had to rethink the plan after the corporation laid-off 75% of their employees including her. After taking on various part-time, freelancing positions in social media marketing and events marketing, she realized this could be the career for her. 

And thus, Empire Marketing Innovations was born. Though we are young, we have the determination to succeed and the guts to keep coming back whenever we fall. 

Our Clients and Testimonials

“Your skills and knowledge benefits us greatly. Your creativity in creating post and generating more engagement with our clients, followers, and everyone else in our data.”
Raymond Nieves of The Nieves Group
“Calm, well thought out answers. Fulfilled all obligations to us.”
Ben McClurg, Owner of BPMI
“We hired Jasmine Demir’s marketing services for our children’s book. She is a pleasure to work with. She listens well, is open minded to new ideas, and offers ‘out of the box’ ideas as well. Knowing your target market is something she helps you figure out. We look forward to using her services again in the future.”
-Tasche Laine Valdez and Peter Valdez

Social Media Content Created by Us

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